Offer exciting prospects to young people, take active action against the shortage of skilled workers through training and thus continue to ensure the best quality for the future.

True to this motto, we were able to welcome 13 new apprentices to our company at the start of the new training year.

In future, two trainees will support the departments in the field of merchant (m/f/d) for office management.

Our IT department is training a merchant (m/f/d) for IT system management for the first time.

In the field of electrical engineering, six trainees are beginning their path to becoming an electronics technician (m/f/d) for industrial engineering.

Four trainees are learning the trade of precision mechanic (m/f/d) – specializing in mechanical engineering.

Since well-trained and motivated specialists are difficult to find, we rely on our own training in order to integrate tomorrow’s specialists directly into our company. We invest in our trainees right from the start with targeted training, team-building measures and personal, individual support and also offer first-class and varied career prospects after the training. Exactly for that reason our company has a long tradition of outstanding training qualifications with honor and an above-average hiring rate of almost 95% after training.

The award in September of 14 employees for years of service between 10 and 40 years speaks for itself. Some of these jubilees have completed their training back then in our company.