You're looking for the performance of a Göpfert Ovation, but are also able to reach your targets with a smaller range of functions? In that case the Göpfert Impression with flexo post print and vacuum feed unit is the right one for you. Servo-direct drive, offline or inline. And with fantastic results in up to eight colours. Modular possibilities allow chamber doctor blade, laser-engraved anilox rollers and many other optional extensions.

The Number 1 amongst compact machines.

The Göpfert Impression is a modular flexo post printer. The machine has been designed for production of highest quality flexo post printed boards. Thanks to true servo direct drive technology and vacuum sheet transport the Impression achieves maximum register accuracy. Optional features like doctor chamber blade systems and laser engraved anilox rolls enable users to achieve highest printing quality. The Impression can be installed either as an offline flexo post printer or in line, for example with a flatbed die cutter.

Offer your customers the option to print on the inside and on the outside in one single pass:
The top-bottom-printing units are also available for the Göpfert Impression.

Technical Data

repeat (circumference): 1.676 mm 66″
sheet size max.: 1.530 x 2.100 mm / 2.400 mm 60 1/4″ x 82 11/16″ // 94 1/2
sheet size min.: 460 x 600 mm 18 1/8″ x 23 5/8
print surface max.: 1.520 x 2.100 mm / 2.400 mm 59 13/16″ x 82 11/16″ // 64 1/2
board thickness min. / max.: 1,0 – 9,0 mm 0.039 – 0.354″
board line (from floor): 1.270 mm 50″
mechanical speed max.: 10.000 Stck. / Std. 10,000 sheets/hour
stereo thickness (standard): 4,34 mm 0.185″