From the start, the new Göpfert GöpfertCut plays in the top Liga. With performance, operational ease and flexibility, the way users are accustomed only from Göpfert. And to stand out with automation that opens up unprecedented possibilities. All that, accompanied by the good feeling of continued reliability with top service and spare parts supply. For the supply of a complete production line that is more profitable in its entirety.

Choice means freedom. Competition means development. Innovation means progress.

For a complete production line from a single source that generates more in its entirety. As with the pioneering Göpfert RDC Evolution and the Göpfert RDC HBL, electrical and mechanical components from German and European world market leaders are used. Proven toggle lever technology is the basis for the cutting accuracy at Göpfert. A central lubrication system with pressure monitoring is used here.
The cutting line gap is set reproducibly using servo technology. Automatic clamping of the cutting tool and the anvil counter plate. As with other products, Göpfert relies on maximum user-friendliness and, thanks to automation, is taking the next step and thus new ways for user-friendliness, flexibility and economy. The cutting pressure display, zero line is adaptable to all common cutting tools with quick clamping.

If desired, your Göpfert G-Cut will be delivered completely with Prefeeder, printing units (Göpfert OVATION or Göpfert IMPRESSION), breaker and half automatic or fully automatic paletiser on the machine outlet. So you are prepared for every application. All components are perfectly matched to the Göpfert G-Cut. You can rely on that.

Technical Data

G-Cut 11/18//13/18//13/21
max. board size 1.850 mm / 1.825 mm // 1.300 mm / 1.850 // 2.100 mm 72.83″ / 71.85″ // 51.18″ / 72.83″ // 82 11/16
max. die cutting size 1.100 mm / 1.075 mm // 1.275 mm / 1.825 // 2.075 mm 43.30″ / 42.32″ // 50.19″ / 71.85″ // 81.69″
min. board size 600 x 500 mm // 520 x 600 mm 23.62″ x 19.68″ // 20.47″ x 23.62″
max. die cutting pressure 450 Tonnen // 500 Tonnen 450 tons // 500 tons
mechanical speed 6500 Bogen/h 6500 sheets/h
max. bundle height 400 mm 15.75″
cutting ruler height 23,8 mm 0.94″
adjustable gripper edge 11 – 18 mm 0.43″ – 0.71″