Boxmaker SRE Mini

Only one working step, and already feed, cutting, scoring and slitting are over and done with. Includes die cutting features. As an option: The print unit auxiliary. The shortest possible retrofitting times guarantee the pneumatic tool clamp. And, thanks to the modular construction, you are perfectly right to demand much of the SRE Mini. It can be extended just as much as your economic efficiency will allow.

One number smaller. But big in terms of success.

The Göpfert Boxmaker SRE Mini due to its extremely fast setup procedure, is the ideal machine for efficient production of short to medium runs. Without the need for special tooling the machine allows the manufacture of a wide range of products from the FEFCOcatalogue and special designs. All necessary steps to make a ready to seal box from an untrimmed and non creased stock board are performed in one single board pass. This means scoring and trimming (both in longitudinal as well as in cross direction), slotting, die cutting, printing and stitch flap cutting.

Technical Data

Boxmaker Mini
max. working width: 1.400 mm 55 1/8
min. working width with manual feeding table: 300 mm 11 13/16
min. working width with automatic feeder: 400 mm 14 3/4
max. sheet length: 4.000 mm 157 1/2
min. sheet length with manual feeding table: 350 mm 13 3/4
min. sheet length with automatic feeder: 650 mm 25 9/16
min. slitting distance: 65 mm 2 9/16
thickness of slotting knife: 8 mm 0.315″
min./max. board thickness: Feinwelle bis Doppelwelle
(1,8 – 7 mm)
max. Pappenqualität 2.7
E-flute up to double wall
(0.071″ – 0.276 “)
max. board quality 2.7
required air pressure: 6 bar 87 psi
required quantity of air: SRE Mini 100 Ltr./Min. bei 6 bar 100 ltr./min. at 87 psi
required quantity of air: with automatic feeder ca. 400 Ltr./Min. bei 6 bar approx. 400 ltr./min at 87 psi