Boxmaker Jumbo

Using the Göpfert Boxmaker, you can carry out all processing steps in one: scoring and slitting - lengthways or crossways; slits, die cuts and printing. Of course, it's also possible to add folder clips, thus leaving the whole FEFCO catalogue open to you for processing. Of course, no special tools are required when retrofitting.

Large formats, major challenges. And the answer to them.

The Göpfert Boxmaker SRE Maxi 280 due to its extremely fast setup procedure is the ideal machine for efficient converting of large formats in short to medium runs. The machine is completely servo driven and designed for maximum productivity. Without the need for special tooling the machine allows the manufacture of a wide range of products from the FEFCO-catalogue and special designs. All necessary steps to make a ready to seal box from an untrimmed and non creased stockboard are performed in one single board pass. This means scoring and trimming (both in longitudinal as well as in cross direction), slotting, die cutting, printing and stitch flap cutting. Thanks to its extremely robust construction the Boxmaker SRE Maxi 280 is designed to convert even heaviest boards.

Technische Daten

Boxmaker Jumbo
Bogenbreite max. 2.800 mm 0.110236 inches
Bogenbreite min. 360 mm 14.1732 inches
Bogenlänge max. 6.000 mm 0.23622 inches
Bogenlänge min. 1.000 mm 0.0393701 inches
Druckfläche max.* 2.200 mm x 2.800 mm 0.0866142 inches x 0.110236 inches
Stanzen 4 x 200 mm x 200 mm 0.15748 x 7.87402 inches x 7.87402 inches
Materialstärke min./max. 2.5 – 15.0 mm 0.0984252 – 0.590551 inches
Rüstzeit 7 – 12 min.

* Wenn Maxi in Linie mit Flexodruckwerk FPU