Since in October 2019 the announcement was published that Göpfert also has a flat bed die cutter as a supplement to their worldwide known and popular product line like flexo printing machines, rotary die cutters and inline machines, the whole corrugated board converting market has been showing continuing interest. Within no time several machines with different configurations could be sold.

The G-Cut can be installed offline (without printing units), only with Prefeeder and Material Handling system, as well as inline with our modular printing machine Impression and our pre-equipped high board line printing machine Ovation.

The first G-Cut worldwide had been installed at our long-standing customer Cartoflex in Lüneburg, in the north of Germany. An existing Prefeeder and an existing Material Handling system had been integrated in the Göpfert line with Impression 16/21 and G-Cut 11/18.

Further installations followed just shortly after: an Impression 16/21 inline with G-Cut 13/18, a G-Cut 13/18 offline with Material Handling system (before long we may supplement a printing machine even there) and an Ovation 13/21 inline with a G-Cut 13/18 and Material Handling system.

Shorter setting times, a user friendly design, higher cutting pressure and a whole Göpfert line – from stack to stack – from Prefeeder to Palletiser, available in three sizes: G-Cut 11/18, G-Cut 13/18 and G-Cut 13/21.
Convince yourself of the many advantages of our flat bed die cutter!