BGM Caseline

With slotting section from Göpfert and folding section with sealing unit from Bahmüller. The Franconian-Swabian alliance for inline machine guarantees multi colour printing in convincing quality and impressive results even with heavy duty board.

The very best to meet your objectives.

The multi-functional CASE LINE handles a size range from 2,500mm (98 ½”) up to 3,600mm (141 ¾”). One color and multi-color jobs, even in small order sizes can efficiently be run. Highest accuracy slotting an die cutting assure precise folding for perfectly produced packaging. All commonly used sealing methods can be used making this machine the optimal choice. Servo-drive technology allows for a mirror-reverse equipped machine for right-hand operation.

Offer your customers the option to print on the inside and on the outside in one single pass:
The top-bottom-printing units are also available for the BGM Caseline.

Technical Data

Cutting dimensions (mm)
CL 11/25 min. 320 x 600 max. 1400 x 2500
CL 13/32 min. 350 x 650 max. 1650 x 3200
CL 16/32 min. 500 x 700 max. 2100 x 3200
CL 16/36 min. 500 x 700 max. 2100 x 3600