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Bolinhos de Bacalhau


Ingredients for the Bacalhau:

(For 6-10 persons)

500g / 1.10 lb Bacalhau (codfish)

1Kg / 2.20 lb potatoes (waxy)

1 bunch of leaf parsley

50g / 1/3 cup potato flour or handy flour

2 separated eggs

2 medium size onions

1 clove garlic

1 bay leaf




olive oil

plenty of sunflower oil for frying

The bacalhau (stockfish) must be soaked in water at least for two days beforehand. The water must be changed at least two to four times a day.

Alternatively, you can use fresh cod fish. Boil the garlic clove, a little salt and the bay leaf together with the bacalhau for about 5 minutes.

Then strain the fish and remove the bay leaf and garlic.

Add the potatoes to the water and boil for about 20 minutes until soft.

In the meantime, mince the fish with a fork and squeeze out the remaining liquid using a kitchen towel or filter cloth.

Peel and chop the onions and sauté in a pan with a little olive oil, then add to the fish mixture with the chopped parsley.

Peel and mash the potatoes, let cool down a bit and add them to the fish mixture.

Add flour, salt, egg, nutmeg and pepper.

Mix everything well and work into a homogeneous mass.

Shape the fish mixture into equal-sized balls (approx. 20 g) and let them rest in the refrigerator for approx. 15 minutes.

Heat the oil and fry the balls until golden brown.

Bolinhos de Bacalhau can be served warm or cool as finger food with some chili sauce.

Bon apetite!