The Polish packaging production specialist Janmar CENTRUM which operates a production facility in form of a packaging park model in Trzcinica near Wrocław, so in direct neighbourhood of its supplier Progroup, is currently building a second production facility in Stryków near Łódź in the same model. Janmar is purchasing three new Göpfert machines in order to create new production capacities.

Managing Director Marcin Gatner continues the successful cooperation and partnership with Göpfert and has decided together with his team after the installation of the first Göpfert Flexo-Printing machine Ovation 13/21 offline in 2014 at Janmar CENTRUM also to order the next processing machines from Göpfert.

In autumn 2021, an additional Flexo-Printing machine Ovation 13/21 was installed inline with a Flat Bed Die Cutter. With this processing line, die-cut packaging can be printed and die-cut with up to three colours in a single pass. The pre-settable printing units can already be prepared for the next job during ongoing production.

This was followed by the installation of a Göpfert Rotary Die Cutter RDC 16/32 HBL equipped with Prefeeder, Feed Unit, three Printing Units, Double Rotary Die Cutter, EvoStack and Göpfert Corrpal Material Handling System – an entire line from stack to stack from a single source.

Thanks to the Double Rotary Die Cutter, not only the Printing Units of this machine can be set up during ongoing production but also the Die Cutting tools can already be prepared for the following job. This reduces the setting times to a minimum which brings a huge advantage, especially for small job sizes.

The installation will be completed in summer 2022 with a Containerline CL 20/48. It will be equipped with Prefeeder, Feed Unit, two Printing Units, a Pre-Crushing Unit, a Double Slotter, a Rotary Die Cut Unit and a Folding Unit including the option of gluing, stitching and taping.

With this modern, high-performance plant, Janmar is ideally equipped for processing large-sized heavy-duty corrugated board.

We are looking forward to a good, cooperative partnership and wish our customer Janmar CENTRUM the most of success.