During the three-day event of FEFCO (European Corrugated Packaging Association) Göpfert presented all its news about their popular printing machines, rotary die cutters, flat bed die cutters and inline machines to its customers at the booth and during an entertaining spotlight.
The spotlight, presented by sales engineer Lena Bördlein, focused first and foremost on an update on the flat bed die cutter G-Cut, which was presented to the public exactly two years ago. Since the introduction of the machine there has been unbroken interest and 15 G-Cuts in various sizes and configurations have already been sold. In the meantime, the first installations have been successfully completed and can be presented during a reference visit.
In addition to the flat bed die cutter, the focus was also on the topic of inside and outside printing, as demand is increasing, especially in the e-commerce sector. With the top bottom printing units, available for the Göpfert printing machines, rotary die cutters and inline machines, this is possible in only one single pass.
At the end of the FEFCO, Ralf Schiffmann (Managing Director Göpfert) exchanged views during a high level panel discussion about „Corrugated – sustainable and smart solution today and tomorrow” led by moderator Marc Van Damme with three CEOs of the customer side (Carolyn Wagner, Klingele; Eric Chartrain, International Paper and Eric Bacourt, Hinojosa) on possible developments in the corrugated board industry. The main topic was about the question of how the corrugated board industry can produce sustainably and environmentally friendly.
In addition to numerous specialist lectures and spotlights, there was plenty of time to have entertaining discussions with all customers at the booth.