Creative designs and the demand for fast turn-around times for corrugated packaging raise the bar for box manufacturers productivity requirements. Göpfert has the perfect answer to maximize set-up efficiency and productivity with the Dual Rotary Die-cut Unit.

The dual Die-Cut Unit allows the set-up of die forms while the machine is in production mode, allowing operators to prepare the next job while the machine is productive. The shorter make ready makes short run work much more cost effective and opens up new opportunities through increased efficiency.

The Revolver design incorporates two fully equipped Die-Cutting units in one system. With the change of job, the die cutting cylinder pairs are rotated, the job that was set while the previos job was running swings into production mode within 1.5 minutes. The dual Die-Cutter does not fall short on any features and even includes the Micro-Grind Anvil Grinding system that automatically conditions the anvils to assure perfect die cut results.

The dual die Cut Unit also offers the most ergonomic operation as the dies and stereos of the HighBoardLine RDC are mounted on the one machine floor level, ensuring not only safe but also fast action.